Breast Cancer and Oral Health

It is estimated that breast cancer will affect one in eight women in the United States. And although the incidence is lower, breast cancer affects men too. Chances are you or someone you know has been affected by this terrible… Read More

Preparing your little ones for the Tooth Fairy

Every child is different when it comes to losing those first baby teeth. Most start losing teeth around the age of 6 or about the time they head off to kindergarten or first grade. The bottom teeth are usually the… Read More

Dental Sealants Protect Children’s Teeth

The use of dental sealants on children’s teeth helps protect tooth enamel and protects teeth from future decay. Sealants, which are placed on a child’s 6-YEAR molars once they have completely appeared, are a painless and cost-effective means to avoid… Read More

The Advantage of Digital X-rays

There are many benefits to digital x-rays, starting with the patient’s exposure to significantly lower levels of radiation. The ability of both the doctor and the patient to view these larger x-rays and discuss what the x-rays reveal is another… Read More

Reducing Tooth Sensitivity

Over 30% of Americans experience tooth sensitivity when eating or drinking certain foods. More often than not the cause is exposed tooth dentin. Found under a tooth’s enamel, dentin transmits sensations like pressure and temperature, which is usually dampened by… Read More

Mouth Guards Help Prevent Injuries

Now that the fall athletic calendar is in full swing it’s a good time to talk about mouth guards. While they may not be the most attractive athletic gear, they WILL protect against some pretty UNattractive injuries! And since many… Read More

VELscope Assessment System

Dr. Sheehan and our hygienists are using the VELscope oral assessment system, which allows us to identify cancerous or precancerous growths that may not be apparent to the naked eye. The VELscope is one of the cutting-edge tools we use… Read More

To Floss or Not To Floss?

I’m sure everyone has now heard the recent controversy about flossing and I’m glad that I have a great opportunity to talk about it! This is how I look at the issue. Yes, there are surprisingly few studies that support… Read More

What’s The Truth About Dental X-Rays And Cancer

There is a great deal of misinformation and confusion out there relative to dental x-rays and cancer! The truth is dental x-rays provide a very low dose of radiation compared to other medical x-rays you may have had! In fact,… Read More