To Floss or Not To Floss?

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I’m sure everyone has now heard the recent controversy about flossing and I’m glad that I have a great opportunity to talk about it! This is how I look at the issue.

Yes, there are surprisingly few studies that support daily flossing. Why? Because periodontal disease is a slow progressing disease that can take years to show up! But once it manifests itself the damage is difficult and expensive to reverse. And in fact most studies suggest that the potential benefits of flossing far outweigh any risks. Especially because we know proper flossing can remove plaque and therefore strengthen patients’ oral health. Not to mention keep your breath fresh! If you’re not sure you’re flossing properly LeaAnne, Dottie or I would be happy to show you.

So consider this – if you don’t floss you only clean 60 percent of your teeth’s surfaces. Would you leave 40 percent of yourself unshowered? Probably not.

Next time you’re in a hurry and are thinking about not flossing, ask yourself if you would rather floss or have a tooth decay, periodontal disease or (yuck) nasty breath. I trust you know the answer!