Get A Straight, Beautiful Smile With Invisalign

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This time next year your smile could be everything you want it to be – your crooked teeth could be straight and the gaps in your smile closed. That’s because metal braces that you may have to endure for years aren’t the only way to get a straight! beautiful smile! We’re talking about the latest in orthodontic dentistry that is offered by Dr. Sheehan. It’s called lnvisalign.

What You’ll Get With lnvisalign!
You’ll enjoy the same results with lnvisalign that you would with traditional metal braces but in a fraction of the time!

What won’t you get with lnvisalign?
You Won’t Have To Sacrifice Your Appearance. You’ve already lived years feeling insecure about your appearance. Do you want to go a couple more feeling embarrassed about being the only adult in a business meeting or at a party wearing metal braces? You won’t have to sacrifice your appearance with lnvisalign because the aligners used to straighten your teeth are clear and very hard to spot!

You Won’t Have Sores ln Your Mouth
We’re not talking about cold sores. We’re talking about those irritated, scratched or inflamed spots inside your cheeks and lips where sharp wires poke the mouth tissue. Smooth, clear plastic aligners, on the other hand, will feel comfortable against your cheeks and lips while you wear them.

You Won’t Have To Change Your Diet
Back in school, you saw your friends huddling around the bathroom mirror after lunch racing against the clock to clean food out of their braces before their next class. Do you want to excuse yourself during a business lunch or party (or a romantic dinner) to do the same thing? You don’t have to with lnvisalign because you can take out your aligners when you eat. That also means you don’t have to stop eating certain things.

You Won’t Have To Wait As Long
You’ve already waited years for straight teeth. Do you really want to wait a couple more like you would if you wore metal brackets and wires? With lnvisalign you don’t have to wait any longer. Most people can be finished with their treatment in one year!

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