Preparing your little ones for the Tooth Fairy

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Every child is different when it comes to losing those first baby teeth. Most start losing teeth around the age of 6 or about the time they head off to kindergarten or first grade. The bottom teeth are usually the first to go, then the top and finally the stronger back molars. While your child may be excited about a visit from the Tooth Fairy, they may have some fears about losing their baby teeth. Here are some tips to get them ready:

Talk to them about what to expect.
Like many of life’s big changes, it is best to educate them upfront. Don’t let them be surprised when that first tooth gets loose or falls out. Explain that this is an experience that everyone goes through.

Teach them how to pull out a tooth.
It may take some time between when a tooth first gets loose and when it is ready to come out. Teach you child to be patient and wait until the tooth is extremely loose. With a piece of gauze or clean tissue they should grasp the tooth and quickly pull it out. They may need your help the first few times.

Treat the pain.
After the tooth is out, it is natural for your child to experience some pain. This can usually be taken care of with an over the shelf children’s pain reliever. If pain persists, it could be the result of an infection. Make sure you consult your dentist.

Take action when their is premature loss of a tooth.
If a tooth falls out due to an accident or is pulled much too early, make an appointment with your dentist to make sure everything is okay and cared for properly.

Keep brushing loose teeth.
Even though your child’s baby teeth are gone in a relatively short time, it is important that they are brushed just like their forever teeth. Not brushing loose teeth can lead to a build up around the gums or infections that will cause greater pain in the future.

Teach them to take care of their new teeth.
Teach your child that brushing, flossing and regular trips to the dentist are important to keep their forever teeth healthy. Let them know that unlike baby teeth, adult teeth will not grow back.

Once children become less fearful of losing their teeth, they embrace the excitement of losing their first teeth and the arrival of the Tooth Fairy.